Extend Your Customer Relationship With SuiteCommerce

Being an industry-leading eCommerce experience, Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce help create unique, personalized and compelling mobile, web, and in-store experiences to differentiate the brand and meet customer expectations par excellence. By utilizing a single source of item, inventory, customer and order data to feed customer-facing systems, it provides engaging customer acquisition and retention experiences. Additionally, with this highly scalable business management software solution, one can deliver a continuous shopping experience by integrating the online and in-store buying journey. Also, businesses can empower sales associates with efficient tools and information to engage shoppers. With SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation, business organizations can leverage inventive capabilities to transform the way of delivering extensive customer service, drive more engagement, and entice customers’ return for burgeoning business benefits. Although it is difficult to gain a complete understanding of customers’ interactions and preferences, this highly scalable eCommerce solution offers an integrated platform to revamp customer relationship management and steer substantial business expansion. Business Organizations Can Build Customer Loyalty And Deliver Engaging Shopping Experience Via: Rich Customer Profiles Deploying the core and innovative capabilities of this technology-rich eCommerce software suite, enterprises, whether small, mid-sized or large, can see every individual interaction within their company. It can be online, in-store, on the phone, including customers’ purchase histories. Also, business administrators can see their website activities, such as items browsed, carted or added to a wish list, responses to marketing campaigns, communications with the company, and returns history. Above all, these inventive features help businesses understand customers’ lifetime value to maximize profitability. In addition, by segmenting customers to drive personalized marketing campaigns, promotions, and offers, one can witness a substantial increase in sales as well. Customer Services Consulting with NetSuite SuiteCommerce Experts, business organizations can draw maximum benefits out of such robust implementation and deliver customer services across every touchpoint like never before. Particularly, this intuitive business application offers access to real-time customer data to all the personnel interacting with the customer, whether its sales, support or service. It helps get a 360-Degree view of the services and support rendered and meaningful insights to improve the experience. At the same time, it delivers the information to the shoppers to manage billing, addresses, access order history, track order status via password-protected self-service customer center. Customer Value This cloud-based software suite enables businesses to quantify promotional and marketing costs and product margins. This helps business administrators make well-informed and more educated decisions about marketing spend and targeting the most profitable avenues. Interestingly, with NetSuite eCommerce India, many businesses are celebrating customers’ retention anniversary offering them offers and coupons based on their purchase history. Moreover, with a central communication hub, businesses can fuel customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle efficiently. On a conclusive note, to lead the advancing business world, a diligent move involves investment in the right business application and consulting an experienced NetSuite service provider partner. Not only they ascertain guaranteed delivery of highly scalable products but they offer extensive consulting and technical assistance even beyond the journey. To Build An Appreciative Customer Relationship, Write An Email To info@inoday.com