Why It’s Time For Omni-Channel Commerce?

The expectations of customers are cropping up. They need engaging and integrated shopping experiences across storefronts-physical stores, online and mobile. In case, you won’t be able to deliver consistent customer experiences regardless of channel, they don’t think twice while shifting their loyalty. To maximize the value of every penny spend, customers want highly personalized & convenient service. To offer awesome customer service, retailers need flexible cloud commerce solution that enables them to compete better; build lasting relationships while providing seamless shopping experiences to customers. With intelligent solution like NetSuite SuiteCommerce, retailers can create rich, customer-first experiences at all touch points by unifying back-end operations to ecommerce, POS, and order management. SuiteCommerce comes with comprehensive capabilities across ecommerce, point of sale, marketing, order management, product content management, & CRM. Some Of The Key Features Of Omni-Channel Commerce Platform ECommerce – Some of the omni-channel commerce platforms like SuiteCommerce supports both consumers (B2C) and business buyers (B2B). Businesses can create feature rich ecommerce websites that convert browsers into customers to increase online revenue. Retailers get flexibility to sell multiple brands, in different languages and currencies to offer seamless customer experience. Designed to meet unique business requirements, SuiteCommerce helps in creating relevant omnichannel experiences across in-store, web and mobile channels. Point of Sale – Customers expect to move freely between online and offline shopping channels. Advance omni-channel commerce solutions like SuiteCommerce come with in-store point of sale device to unify physical and digital shopping experiences. Integrated systems empower sales associates with complete inventory and customer information to efficiently engage customers, drive more sales, and provide a satisfying shopping experience. Integrated systems like online, in-store, & call center help transforming retail, enabling businesses to engage shoppers seamlessly. Most advanced retail management software leverages touch tablet UI screen and responsive design technology to delivers an easy to use digital selling experience to customers anywhere in the store. Marketing – Email & SMS marketing is integral part of any commerce marketing strategy. Most advance omni-channel marketing platforms like SuiteCommerce enable you to create automated, personalized shopper engagements across email, SMS and web throughout every lifecycle stage, from sign-up to check out and re-engagement. By leveraging past-purchase data, these platforms help in running highly automated campaigns triggered by customer actions. Responsive technology enables you to design mobile-friendly email and SMS campaigns to connect easily with your mobile customers. Some of the platforms come with built-in business logic, behavior filtering, multiple channel and other capabilities to automate lifecycle campaigns based on order history. Order Management – In this era of cut-throat competition, order fulfillment excellence can differentiate your business. Omni-channel commerce platforms like SuiteCommerce come with built-in order management capabilities, enabling businesses to exceed rising customer expectations while boosting profitability. In most of the software solutions, order management can seamlessly get integrated with financials. With this, shoppers can buy and return orders anywhere while you can fulfill anywhere. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software – Due to data silos, it becomes impossible to gain actionable insights about customers’ interactions and preferences. Channel specific silos like customer data stored in one system while inventory data in another prevent you from getting actionable insights. In many omni-channel ecommerce platforms, CRM comes as an integral part of your commerce platform to deliver unprecedented visibility into customers’ browsing and shopping activities. With 360-degree view of customer from all channels and touch points, organizations can deliver personalized and consistent service. The Bottom Line Thus, we can infer from the above text that omni-channel platforms like NetSuite SuiteCommerce can help you delivering seamless customer experience across multiple touch points. However, it is recommended to hire experienced and reliable team of NetSuite SuiteCommerce Experts to maximize your return of investment. As Netsuite Suitecommerce Advanced Implementation is no more a cake walk, you really need experienced players who can understand your business requirements to create right fit solution for your business.