Why to Offer Fast Shipping while Running an eCommerce Business

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative that you run your ecommerce store with fast shipping times. There is a lot of competition in the ecommerce industry. In the last decade, there has been unparalleled growth in the ecommerce sector. Currently, there are over 4 million online stores in the United States alone. The ecommerce solution should allow you to design your Ecommerce store as per your needs. In such a scenario, it doesn’t make sense to Start online store with a poor delivery service. Fast Shipping – Need of the Hour Customer expectations are huge as far as online delivery is concerned. Delayed shipping will frustrate your customers to no end and moreover will have a negative impact on how your company is perceived by the customers. Say, you Sell school supplies online. Now, won’t you expect an increase in conversions if you provide next day delivery or 2-day delivery? In fact, your school supplies store will witness success and higher sales when customers become aware of your fast delivery. Customers Want Fast Delivery Well, that’s a fact that you must accept. Ecommerce giants like Walmart and Amazon are ensuring that the orders are delivered quickly to gain a competitive advantage. Say, you Sell servers online. You might be selling high-performance servers on your ecommerce store but that is not the sole criteria to grow your ecommerce business. In order to attract potential customers to your online business and grow sales, don’t forget to offer fast delivery. It is the key to get more clicks and conversions. Amazon – The Most-liked Brand Amazon has a strong reputation for providing 1-day shipping on a large number of products to most cities in the United States. No wonder, Amazon is the most valuable brand and trusted ecommerce portal in the United States. Fast Shipping Time = Happy Customers Did you know that fast shipping time is one the biggest influencers in converting prospects into customers? Many times, customers abandon carts because delivery time is unnecessary too long. When shipping times don’t meet their expectations, online purchases do not happen. Promising fast delivery is the key to making your business standout from the crowd. Today customers want to receive their orders quickly; they want an assurance that their products will arrive on time. Offer same-day or next day shipping to satisfy their urgency to get the products. There is little doubt that fast shipping will have a positive impact on your business. For instance, by offering short delivery time, you can expect a significant jump in sales along with increased customer satisfaction. Boosts Rankings With fast shipping giving more clicks and better conversions, this can have a positive impact on your site’s Google search rankings. This, in turn, will bring more traffic to your site and increase sales. On the whole, providing fast shipping times is the key to sharpen your competitive edge. Consider offering 1 day shipping or next day shipping and expect a significant rise in profits. So invest in fast shipping programs and prominently display fast delivery batches across your site. This can result in more sales and higher revenue.