4 Interesting Facts About Apple Inc

The iPhone covers are out of many, the best accessory to protect the phone in case of harm and accidental damages. The phone is very delicate and also has the ability to get prone to any damage even if it is a very little rough use, a rough touch, etc. the iPhone was designed in 2007 as its idea came out in 2002. The phone established its foothold in the market and since 2007, it has been a successfully marketed, topnotch phone of all. Many competitors came and wanted to give the iPhones a tough competition, but it has not been possible until now when Samsung came to give the company a very rough time. The neck-to-neck competition has led the company down and the iPhone sale is gradually decreasing. The price and the features of iPhone are not just competitively being broken down but also, some extended features are seen in Samsung cellular devices. When apple was formed and Steve Jobs joined it, there was a huge struggle for innovation. Many products failed and out of many, just a few surpassed the threshold of the market competitiveness. However when Steve left and was brought back to the company as a CEO, that was the time when the company saw the spotlight to step into. Some other factors and facts about the company and its CEO are as follows for you to get fascinated and if you like the facts, you can indulge into finding more about both of them. They are as under: Steve Jobs is not the only CEO for Apple. He was accompanied by the CEO ship of two more people; Steve Wozniak and Robert Wayne. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs ruled the company for long, but Robert left it in early 70’s and sold his shared for mere 800$. Now the company is worth billions of dollars. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the two people working as software and game developers in Atari before they joined in the Apple Company. They developed their first game for the iPod as well when they were in Atari. When Steve Jobs came to the company, he discontinued the products in the line of printers from Apple as he fore saw that this may not work well. The first computer named as Lisa was a failure launched by the company. It had to dispose of thousands of PC’s worth 10,000 $ each.