Differences Between Microsoft Teams vs Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams was launched in 2017 as a business communication platform. It was an addition to the office365 family. It replaces other communication and collaboration platforms like skype for business and Microsoft Classroom both developed by Microsoft. It has chat facilities, file sharing options, and group chat features. It also allows voice and video calls, personal chats, group chats, and video conferencing. Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Sharepoint is a web-based collaboration and content management platform developed by Microsoft. Sharepoint has a significant role in the world of digital business today.SharePoint document management system is a complete solution to your problem of maintaining and recording all the documents. It is mainly used as a document management and storage system, but it is highly configurable, so its use varies according to organizations. It gives you an automated system for organizing, managing, recording, digitizing, and retrieving all the official documents. From small to multinational organizations, everyone needs this system. Keeping track of who edited the documents or maintaining the original copy, or retrieving documents were all herculean tasks. SharePoint can be seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft products. The Major Differences between Teams and SharePoint The main idea is they are not competitors. Teams and Sharepoint are a part of the same family, and both have different sets of purposes. SharePoint is a decade-old document management system with well collaborative features. At the same time, Microsoft Teams is a new generation communication-based platform. With Teams, you can have real-time communication with your teammates spread across the world. You can also share images through it. Teams’ main advantage is it can be synced with SharePoint, which makes organizations’ functions more efficient and smooth. So as already mentioned, both of them are more like team players rather than being competitors. Combining both will be beneficial to organizations. Teams + Sharepoint – a brilliant collaboration for organizations As both of the above mentioned belong to the same family, they work better together than individual tools. The benefit for organizations when they are integrated is vast. When Teams and Sharepoint are combined, you can share the documents through teams, but in reality, the documents are stored in the Sharepoint platform. When there is a conferring happening, you can easily share the document or present it with teams’ help rather than using Sharepoint directly. Microsoft Teams is designed in such a way that it can be well combined with any Microsoft products. So connecting with SharePoint improves its purpose and gives it more values. It is combining both these that gives us a perfect collaboration tool for companies. Microsoft Teams gives the feature of previewing documents through channel tabs, making it easier to find out the desired document. Another highlight of this collaboration is the feature to link documents to conversations. As mentioned above, Teams provide chat options with your colleagues. And the records transferred there are connected to the discussion. When you create a team with Microsoft Teams, a new Team is made in the Office 365 family. So all the files transferred here in the teams are linked to the family. The main advantage lies finding out the required documents. Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams have become so prominent these days. It has made the inflow of documents and communication easy and smooth. The seamless syncing of the working environment has attracted organizations and big corporate companies. Along with Microsoft’s trust, it is pretty sure that the collaboration will be a big hit. As more organizations choose it, the right has come for developers to get more expertise in Sharepoint. To hire Sharepoint developers with the right talent is still an issue. The resources are now less in the market. Microsoft Sharepoint is the right choice for developers looking for a change or an opportunity to enhance your skillset. Final Thoughts Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams have become an integral part of big organizations. It has made the inflow of information, transfer of documents and communication easy and efficient. With the help of a Sharepoint consultant , developing a completely customized platform to your organization is possible. The one key feature of Sharepoint is it is highly customizable. You can change it, the way you want. Also can design it according to your requirements. Currently, Sharepoint is the right platform for businesses who require customized document management software. It offers a high level of collaboration and smooth functioning of the company. It is apt for companies that have branches all over the world. It will facilitate the smooth transfer of documents and other details