Fleet Monitoring – Why it is Worth Investing in The System

The sales director will see the most important advantage in the use of vehicle monitoring devices in the possibility of controlling the actions of subordinates, for example how much time sales representatives spend at the customer – whether they actually work “in the field” and not from home. Not without significance are the hours in which they started / ended their professional activities, but also how many minutes or hours it takes them from point A to point B. Users of company cars often in addition to business matters on the occasion of arranging various types of private interests. You can reduce your fuel consumption For sporadic making quick purchases, more than one boss or manager will turn a blind eye. Unfortunately, companies are the victims of more serious abuse associated with taking “left” loads (this usually applies to truckers, but not only), additional work for other business entities or weekend trips with family, of course on board a company vehicle and for company fuel. Having a good monitoring system to extract private and business driving, just a switch in the car – then the driver “will inform” how many kilometers he overcomes in his own needs. Lack of integrity should be detected by the person supervising the fleet. Analyzing expenses related to the operation of cars – fuel is a very important point in the budget of every fleet manager, reaching for passenger cars even 35-50 percent. Therefore, the control of consumption of gasoline and diesel oil combined with the invoice register allows considerable savings. Here is an example: a company in the telecommunications industry using about 400 cars for the first three months of using vehicle monitoring devices has recorded lower combustion by more than 30 percent (!) And a dozen or so percent shorter mileage. Another economic entity with a fleet of over 100 vehicles after a year of monitoring could reduce the cost of the machine park by 10 percent. The amount of savings may vary, but in the case of larger fleets, it is certainly noticeable. Lower part costs Using vehicle monitoring, there is a real chance to reduce expenditures for consumable parts. Managers can find out what style drivers drive. Contrary to appearances, there are companies in which it comes to checking reports related to the way the car is used – its speed, engine operation status, and even the battery. In particular, the inspection takes place if the user’s combustion results deviate from the others or there is a non-standard wear of parts or tires. In order to achieve the effect, it is not necessary to install vehicle monitoring devices for all means of transport. Often it is enough to mount in several, a dozen or so vehicles to achieve the desired effect. Especially if the cars are not assigned to a particular driver in the company, that is, they are a pool. Very often, the distrustful companies first “test” buy systems for 3-5 cars to check “how it works”. Insurance discount Another issue concerns route optimization. The manager can check exactly where the driver went from, for example from Szczecin to Krakow. Choosing the most favorable route allows the company to considerable savings, even if related to the fact that overcoming longer sections shortens the life of the car in the enterprise and adversely affects the amount of fuel consumed. Not only that, the person sitting at the computer can see where the company cars are. This is a big field for operations, among others, for entities employing servicemen or planning routes for drivers delivering parcels, to urgently report repairs, pick up a package, send employees closest to the destination. There is no shortage of companies installing a monitoring system for reasons related to safety and this is not always the case in expensive board and manager cars. In the case of theft, it is easier to locate the means of transport. An example of a positive application of the device is the story of one of the companies that use Mercedes vans, which “mysteriously” disappeared in the Mazowieckie Voivodship. The trial ended just when the “GPS” was installed. Though, let’s add here that if a thief is a professional, he can turn off “guiding”. Vehicle insurance companies look very much at the monitoring of the vehicle, they are willing to give a discount on insurance. Is it profitable to invest in such a system? The use of a vehicle monitoring system is likely to bring savings to the company. So why are not all companies willingly deciding on this seemingly ingenious solution? Pwodow why some companies do not want to invest in fleet monitoring are several, but in conversations with managers one we hear very often. Companies take care of their image. An investment in a vehicle monitoring system is usually not perceived by employees for whom “GPSs” are a kind of expression of distrust and willingness to permanently control their operation. However, can you always count on employees’ integrity? This question must be answered by the directors themselves and managers of companies with a larger fleet of cars. We certainly recommend it. Read about RCP Exhausts which specializes in design and manufacturing car tuning elements- sport exhausts for cars.