4 Technology That Actually Interrupt Business Over The Years

With the start of the year Accenture has released their vision for technology 2018.Their report says how the primary technology will make changes in the business over the coming years. Speaking of technology can have its advantage and disadvantage as well. The talks with the Managing Director Michael Biltz also and who is also the co author of the report shared its approach on the five trending technology that will disrupt the business and who Accenture predicted about the business and what they actually trying to convey the humankind. Here you will be studying about the 5 technology trends that will interrupt business. 1. Citizen AI: Raised AI will benefit business and society: With AI growth its capabilities along are increasing as well. Business who are actually using the AI based technology with its potential hence its impact is also acknowledge. Report asked many businesspeople , marketers, advertisers to consider it in terms of how parents actually take care of their children and how effectively and with how much responsibility they are actually raising their child. Same is with the AI system how much we teach them reflect to the communal norms such as transparency. So what here meant is AI is more than just a tool just like how children are much more than just a reproduced life form. Hence, what AI system is doing is ultimately impacting the people living standard. What we need to do is to teach, instruct and provide boundaries to AI system. It is easy to think how about the technology being given the responsibility but when it comes to define the scope of the different leaning styles. It depends on marketing to take their time to understand and use it as a basis parenting system with AI children. More emphasis is on teaching the AI system so as to act with respect to interact with the end user. The product introduced by media BI AI system called as 1NMAN has been instructed to be self-responsible as well. Major part about the system is to educate on core value as learning from the mistake. 2. Extended Reality: It is bringing an end to the distance among commuters as the people living standard has changed. With introduction of two of the major technology virtual and augmented realties. With the reduction of distance between people but can surely exchange information and can share their experiences being at par as well. With the tech location is no longer a vital concern as it was use to earlier. The technology is being used by BMW as it provides AR-driven exploration of its model. With the technology it allows people to experience the car how it feels like when actually they will drive. With this tech an emotional connection is made which till date no other technology has been able to deliver. With this a never ending list of application has been running in the market. 3. Data Veracity: Value of trust is thes major concern for many business. As business by transforming themselves to run on data, business actually facing new kind of vulnerability that involves inaccuracy, manipulation and biased data. AI expert Kapil Dhingra has actually introduced AI based tool that will help on detecting frauds proactively. As the Artificial Intelligence flags duplicate expenses that too with corporate policy violations before they get added to the system. With the time is being saved, errors are reduced and inefficiency is increased. 4. Internet Of Thinking: Business are actually making big changes in tech such as AI, robotics and very immersive experiences. Yet it is not that easy as to bring change in legacy system. Introduction of intelligent system to life will also require to add key and skills for the capability at workplace. All together it mean modernizing current enterprise technology infrastructure. For example across industries in the next generation intelligent solutions are being introduced such as traffic flows in smart cities, telemedicine to keep a regular check on patient, disaster analysis at oil fields. With this attention need to be pay on early adopters and encourage the education system. With this you will be able to provide to skill building content so as to fuel current running technology trend.