How Keeko Robot is a New Tutuor to Kindergartens in Beijing?

Robot Keeko overpowers teachers job at Chinese Kindergarten in approximately 600 pre-primary school across the country. Keeko makers are hoping to enter Greater China and Southeast Asia. As Candy Xiong said Education in today time is no longer a one-way street, where teacher keep on teaching without any response from the students its rather a learning process from both sides hence a two-way communication. The Keeko teaches the children via asking them to solve puzzle and also logic based question along with telling them interesting stories. Students are being assisted by their new roundish, short educator with a screen of face and heart-shaped eyes they react whenever a right answer is being received by them. The 60cm in height and autonomous named round shaped robot with white tubby body, armless but tiny wheels and inbuilt cameras doubling up both the navigation sensors and camera facing front following the users to record video journals. It is not the first time robots being among the human-kind as machine has been developed so as to operate at delivering center of groceries to assist human race, offer the elderly people a companion to talk and share their feeling, emotions and make them feel more comfortable, also deals into giving officially authorized advice and now as Keeko creators hope to join education field as well. Beijing has already invested money and man power in developing Artificial Intelligence as they it’s a part of Made of China 2050 plan. As Chinese firm already reviled the country first human-like robot that is capable of holding simple conversation and make facial expressions as well. Other Companion to Robo Keeko Year a ago a group of Monks from Beijing created a two-foot high robot monk giving mantras and advice to attain the moksha i.e. a state of awakening. The iPal named robot is a companion to children and elder as well was the latest mortal robot that was promote for family use followed the footsteps of very small firm Pepper companion that was released by Japan Softbank in 2015. But this time Xie Yi, Kindergarten principal where Keeko has been put into trail now is believing that it will be a long as before hence Robot being capable of totally replace human teacher in the classroom. As to teach it is important to able to interact with human race so as to have a human touch an eye contact and facial expressions is must. Hence, from the above conclusion is drawn that things that makes an education system an interest place to learn and grow. It has also been shared by the principal that it is just not that a language or content is everything. She says the cost of Robot will be 10,000 yuan or about the monthly salary of teacher placed at Kindergarten along with might have some benefit over the flesh-and-blood tutor. She also says with a laugh, the best thing about robots is they are stable as compared to human race.