Nanographic Printing Technology – A New Beginning For Digital

As demand for digital printing is increasing, applications of digitization are also enhancing in every aspect. Nanographic digital printing is rapidly growing and that’s the main reson now people are looking for advanced technology. Nanographic technology is one of the biggest solutions for digital era. This advanced nanotechnology-based printing technology is developed by Landa corporation in 2012, so it is called Landa NanoInk. This innovative printing process uses about tens of nanometers size pigments water-based particles to print on very small materials. Due to its ultra high-speed and broadest CMYK color gamut, Nanographic process has gained more popularity in the digital market. Having remarkable abrasion and scratch resistant images, Nanographic technology has the ability to print on coated & uncoated paper stock, label stock, and plastic packaging films. Nanographic technology innovation is the result of 15 years of nanotechnology research. Landa said in a statement,”Nanographic technology presses produce a low cost per page digital images in printing industry up to eight colors, speed up to 11,000 sheets per hour, and operating at 600dpi resolution”. Benefits of Nanographic Printing Technology This innovative technology is associated with Nanographic printers. This technology produces higher color gamut with 15% accuracy than traditional printing technologies. There is a big problem for the owner of the printing industry is high expenses, but you will be glad to know that the innovation of Nanographic technology provides low-cost printing per pages. Benefits are point listed below of advanced technology- High Gloss Uniformity Extended color gamut Media-friendly Economic printing advantage Remarkable abrasion- and scratch-resistant images Ultra sharp dots of extremely high uniformity Excellent speed The lowest cost Creates 2-10 times thinner images than other processes Nanographic printer uses less energy and fewer inks Application of Nanographic Technology Being media-friendly and eco-friendly nature, Nanographic technology plays a vital role in making Digital printing. Offset & inkjet processes do not provide clear print & sharp dot but Nanographic ensures high gloss fidelity and sharp dots of high uniformity results. With this innovative technology, images can be printed on any substrate such as coated & uncoated paper, plastic and heavy cartonboard without any priming or pretreatment. The latest Nanographic technology is not only applicable in the printing industry but also is perfect for making labels and tags. In this article, we are going to tell you about the applications of Nanographic process. Some applications are mentioned below- This technology is anti-counterfeiting, security and brand protection purposes Used for printing electronic products Ideal for flame retardants, photochromic, liquid crystals & magnet material For foodstuffs, it can be printed as a barrier coating due to its environmentally friendly nature A safe and fiesable solution for nano-based printing