Job Portal and All Its Must-have Features Explained!

Nowadays everything and every business we interact with is through portals. Be it searching something via web or app. Your users’ first medium of interaction is a portal. There are various types of portals available like self-service portal, web portal, knowledge portal and many more. Many companies are growing solely by providing portals to businesses. In the current times they are very powerful tools to get users and interact with them effectively. Talking about web portal; let’s first know what web portals are? According to LifeRay, “A portal is a web-based platform that collects information from different sources into a single user interface and presents users with the most relevant information for their context. Over time, simple web portals have evolved into portal platforms that support digital customer experience initiatives.” In simpler terms we can say, portals provide users with easy and curated access to company’s information. There are various types of web portal solutions available like: Employee portal Job portal Partner portal Knowledge portal Vendor management portal And many more. Here, we are going to talk about recruitment web portal or job portal. We will discuss how it helps recruitment firms, HRs, employers, and people looking for jobs. Additionally, we’ll talk about the features an ideal job portal should have. What is a Job Portal? The simplest example of a job portal is LinkedIn. Well, a part of it, actually. Job portal is a platform where everyone who is looking for a job and people who are hiring come together to find the right job or the right candidate for the job. Both the parties, job seekers and employers, have their own logins and dashboards and features. So let’s look at some of the must have features and aspects of job portals and what are its advantages. UI/UX: It is very important to have a visually appealing and easy to navigate portal. Make sure that the UI/UX of your portal is representing your company’s brand. Having good UI/UX will make sure your users return to your site for their job seeking or hiring. Going one step further, if you are a recruitment firm and looking for web portal development services, then you can hire a company which helps you to create a custom job portal and add features according to your business processes. With easy and simple UI/UX. Multi language support: Just imagine, you are a firm operating from Canada then any person staying in another country who is looking for a job in Canada is very likely to come to your website, create their account and start looking for job opportunities. Looking at another side of the coin, let’s say your recruitment firm has a tie up with different companies in different countries then it is okay to say that you have global presence and global user base. In both the scenarios, you need to make sure that language is not becoming a barrier for your users to interact with your web portal. Hence, make sure that your portal is supporting multiple languages. Build your portal in such a way that your user can interact with it in any language they are comfortable with. This will help you increase your user base and leave a good impact on your users as they’ll know that you care about them. Easy to Navigate: Easy navigation in your web portal plays a very vital role in retaining your customers. Make sure that your users understand your portal, are getting clear instructions about the next steps and are not getting lost on your website. Features: Firstly, make sure to not bombard your users with long questions while building their profile. According to the current market trends, users don’t like it and are likely to leave your website. Instead ask them crisp, clear, and precise questions. Short questions save time for your users and they don’t leave the website halfway. In your job portal you can provide your users with features like resume building, importing resume, or uploading from computer. Make sure to keep resume building feature easy to understand, hassle free and dynamic. Going ahead, you can provide your users with keyword search options, filter search, location based search, education based, part-time, full-time, and many more. This makes it easy for them to search the opportunities they are looking for. Additionally, they can also easily apply for it if they like it. Final words: Being a recruitment firm, it is better to have a job portal as it brings all your users at one place and provides them with necessary information. Rather than going for pre-developed portals, it is better to have a company which helps you with web portal development. They will understand your requirements specifically and develop features that are centered around your business logic.