Magento 2.3 Brings in New Opportunities For Buisness Growth

The platform of Magento has been outgrowing with every passing year. With more technological advancements, Magento development in Sydney is opening up new possibilities for E-Commerce merchants as their business continues to advance and grow. The release of a new version of Magento brought major changes for the developers, with new plugins and extensions contributing to the latest market trends. Magento 2.3 is simply not another exaggerated version of all the stereotypical additions, rather it is a list of bonus and expected features for the retailers, paving way for further development of the E-Commerce stores. The significantly new features of this latest version of Magento are as follows- 1. Google reCaptcha – The Security Update It cannot be denied that this era is one of the multiple speculations about security along with data hacking. Hence this is where this feature comes to the rescue. The new Magento 2.3 brings the two-factor authentication along with the Google reCaptcha. One cannot think it to be a mere checkbox which detects whether the user is human or a robot, however, it successfully processes the risk analysis which distinguishes between the two. This security update is present natively in the brand new version which functions even without being intervened by the third party installation resources and the tools. 2. Progressive web apps (PWA) This is a successful combination of websites and native apps which paves way for a whole different user experience. Magento 2.3 the developers are given a PWA studio: these are the web applications which guarantee to deliver absolute results like compatibility for use offline, front end-user experience. The studio is featured with tools which help in creating app-like websites. 3. GraphQL This is a data query language which helps in retrieving all kinds of data in this new Magento version 2.3. The GraphQL will fetch just the limited amount of data which is needed, not anything more or less. This way, a lot of energy and time is saved, more so that the developers do not face any kind of unnecessary confusion. 4. Cache Management The admins can have more control and access over who modifies the caches. With the Access Control List (ACL) one can also prevent and stop the inexperienced users from altering any kind of important and viable data. This way, they get more time to be familiar with the new version and completely understand its functioning. 5. PageBuilder This feature was one of the most eagerly awaited for. With the addition of PageBuilder, the developer can easily customise the web pages without having to write any code. The web developers can also build templates, use the drag and drop interface as well as a well designed UX for the users who follow the non-technical route. 6. The Elastic Search With this search engine, one can stimulate the in-site searching solutions which function and run effectively on one single dedicated server. The on-site results instantly improve the experience of the customers. This ElasticSearch feature will now be available in the 2.3 version of Magento. 7. Multiple Source Inventory As the merchants continue to grow and evolve, their ways and means of selling, storing and delivering the products is also improved. MSI or the Multi-Source Inventory enables the online merchants to improve their operational efficiency which happens after the management of the inventory across several physical locations from with the Magento based admin. Additionally, the merchants can also – Assign each of the products and quantities to each of the sources of fulfilment like the store, warehouse, distribution centers, third-party shippers etc Tracking of the inventory at each source for easy management Streamlining of the operations following prioritised rules which automatically control all the sources of the inventory used to fulfil orders for every website Gradual integration with the third-party inventory systems Even merchants holding a single source of the inventory benefit from the MSI. It comes with the inventory reservation system that timely tracks all the deductions from the salable product stock when products are added to the cart by the customers. This way, there occurs accurate quantity counts besides the highest performing checkouts which in turn improve the conversion rates of the store.