Benefits of Becoming AWS Consulting Partners in India

The AWS consulting partners in India are nothing but professional companies which can help client enterprises to design and architect build and migrate and run their applications and workloads on the AWS cloud. The APN consulting partners may include system integrators or SIs, Managed Service Providers or MSPs, agencies, strategic consultancies and Value Added Resellers or VARs. When you are certified as AWS consulting partners in India , you can access many types of resources as well as training facilities in order to support your clients when they run or manage applications in the cloud. The consulting partners can also attain one of the four performance tiers which are based on criteria like customer engagements, training, business investments etc. Depending on a variety of criteria, these tiers can be Standard, Registered, Premier and Advanced. When you can improve your company’s level of expertise regarding the AWS you can move up these tiers to get more benefits. Whether you have just started building a business or you are expanding the practice on the AWS, you may become a part of the APN. The APN refers to the network of Amazon service vendors who have got endorsements from AWS for fulfilling specific criteria. When you become a standard tier partner in the APN, you can use some of the benefits to expand your client base in the AWS. You get official recognition for becoming an APN partner and you can then list your enterprise in Partner Solutions Finder while you also get access to the official logo. When you are in this tier, you must continue to stay ahead of others on the AWS and create a big network of AWS certified employees so as to go up the ladder to the Premier tier. When you become an Advanced Tier partner, you can show how strongly you have built your business in the cloud. You keep working to differentiate your business and create a robust marketing strategy. As you invest more in training and certifications you can display your string expertise in AWS to clients. You can resort to blogging, sponsoring events, social media and whitepapers to keep consolidating your presence. When you finally attain the Premier Tier, you should use this achievement to the fullest and get access to dedicated hosting resources from AWS. This will allow you to create new revenue-generating avenues. The AWS consulting partners in India have incorporated the wide range of AWS solutions into their suite of services. This is backed by enterprise-level expertise as well as certified staff who can use the cloud to design and deploy better systems for their customers. With more and more companies now joining this partner network in AWS, it is now harder to choose the right vendor. The AWS has two main categories of partners, namely the technology partners and the consulting partners. On the consulting partner side, the APN members can be the big consultants and SIs to even smaller businesses, which are focused on the cloud. The consulting partners will be categorized depending on the revenues they earn and experiences. The AWS requires that its Consulting Partners generate about $1000 every month in revenues to get the Standard Tier certification and about $25,000 to get to the Advanced Tier. AWS says that the partners will get reviewed every year when they renew the memberships to the network. So, when a partner fails to achieve the said amount of revenues and other criteria in that tier, it will be warned accordingly. It will be then given a set time period of up to 90 days to renew this tier certification by satisfying the criteria needed.