Why Should You Choose a Windows Dedicated Server?

The advantages, which you can get by signing up for Windows dedicated server hosting, are a big reason why many businesses prefer these servers. What makes a Windows dedicated server preferable for businesses is that management of this server is quite easy and hassle-free. If you can enjoy a professionally designed control panel, you can sale up the site and manage resources efficiently and accommodate all your business needs. The control panel is one of the reasons which make a Windows dedicated server popular. This is nothing but a handy tool which will enable you to set up and managed applications and domains easily on that server. For ecommerce site owners, this is indeed a revolutionary tool and they can use this monitor the site’s progress. For instance, the Plesk is the most extensively used control panel for a Windows dedicated server . The biggest benefits of this tool are the security features it offers; you are free to delete and add domains and enjoy this tool for creating WordPress sites. The Windows dedicated server is most useful for businesses which have their sites as the main source of income. In such sites, issues of poor performances and downtimes can be very damaging. So, you will need an efficient control panel to manage everything optimally. If you sign up for Windows dedicated servers, you have complete control over resources and you can get these for affordable rates. If you choose to spend more for managed hosting the benefits are even greater. You can enjoy greater speeds and a higher uptime from your managed host. The provider will also be accountable for securing and managing servers allowing you to focus on other important business areas. For businesses which mainly use Microsoft technologies and products, choosing a Windows dedicated server is most beneficial. There are some sites which run applications needing .Net technologies and these will not be able to run in Linux environments. Besides, Windows also offers better supports for databases which us programs like MS SQL or Microsoft Access. A Windows dedicated server can only support even Visual Basic. When you choose Windows dedicated hosting plans, you can get user-friendly tools like FrontPage, Visual Interdev and SharePoint. This is why for MS office services and products a Windows dedicated server is recommended. These may be slightly costlier than Linux servers because they have licensing fees. When your business has applications that need Windows architecture, you must buy Windows dedicated servers which come with managed dedicated solutions. This ensures that you do not have to monitor the servers; all management tasks can be outsourced to the host. You therefore get to save a lot of money on overhead costs. Windows also offers a familiar user-friendly interface and their plans are easy to deploy. So, even if you are a newcomer, you will not have trouble working with Windows dedicated servers. Microsoft has put in a lot of money and manpower in coming out with solutions which will benefit its users. This is why choosing a Windows dedicated server may be a wise move as you can always rely on advanced supports from Microsoft. No matter which operating system you choose, you will need a provider that can give you a good server uptime and round-the-clock tech supports through chats, phones and emails. To be sure you have a good host for support; you should choose one which offer free trials. This will help you understand their level of services and average response time in dealing with emergency situations.