Why You Need Dedicated Email Server Hosting?

Email is basic source of communication that is used by every business to communicate with customers and prospects. There are so many companies and email platform providers who offer email services with many features. Big organizations with too many clients needs to send high volume should go for dedicated email server hosting. Because on shared platform you can’t do much plus each company or service provider has its own outgoing limitations that can hurt your business or performance. Free Email Service Providers: There are so many free service providers available and many people are using them but they cant fit in your business needs. Each free service provider has own outgoing sending limits and if you will try to send more mails you will be blocked or suspended. Free email hosting providers do not allow mostly to create multiple mailbox accounts with one account which is a draw back. Mostly you have to use mail account with their domain like @yahoo.com or @gmail.com which looks nonprofessional. As a business you should have accounts with your own brand name or domain name i.e mike@yourdomain.com . What are the benefits of Dedicated Email Server Hosting? Dedicated Server comes with dedicated resources like cpu, ram, processor, hard drive, bandwidth etc… So if you use your own server for your organization you can have the following benefits over free or shared email hosting. Host multiple domains if you have multiple companies or brands you can host all of them on one server. Create unlimited number of email accounts for staff Send unlimited emails without outgoing limits Control Email Box sizes Send e-mails with your own domain Cost effective solution for big organization Use your own dedicated IPs associated with your domain Tips to choose dedicated email server hosting provider. Before hiring a smtp server on rent from any dedicated server provider make sure they have following features. They should know how to setup email server on dedicated server. They must install for you SMTP server with all configurations and settings spf, dkim, rdns They should offer IP blacklisting support. They should be flexible on abuse complains. Must setup feedback loops for your server. Dedicated Email Server Hosting must be hosted over DDOS protected network. Spam control features must be installed. They must give you control panel to manage multiple domains and email boxes. Webmail Access for each email account. Should setup for you multiple SMTP ports in case if your ISP has port 25 blocked you can still send emails using alternative port. 24/7 Support to answer your queries and issues. 100% managed dedicated email server hosting so that you should not have to do anything yourself.