Conversion Rate Optimisation by Improving Website Experience

With CRO being highly accepted and recognized and the ever-evolving consumer behaviour on the internet, Conversion Rate Optimization is changing too. Mobile usage as a medium has grown and along with it, CRO technologies have made their presence felt. Therefore, it has become imperative to track the new developments happening in this field so that you can stay ahead of competition by shaping your optimization strategies. Alternatively, connecting to one of the leading ORM marketing companies in Mumbai is also a viable option. Quite a large number of marketers ignore web personalization or offering personalized content to the site visitors. This improves the visitors user experience and as a result of that, conversions too. Studies show that businesses which focus on website personalization have reported a 14% Increase in sales. For your organization to offer web personalization, you have to be aware of the type of users who visit your website. E-commerce website are greatly benefited by improving website experience for their visitors as a large percentage of consumers base their purchase decisions on the personalization experience they get. For example, relevant product suggestions and recommendations help site visitors to further customize or add to their selection. Visitors take 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website’s visual impact so you do not have too much time to make a positive impression. By offering attractive designs and an enhanced user experience, you can do this and much more. Of course, you will have to be aware of the expectations and the latest design trends and you are surely on the right path. You will have to view your website from a user’s standpoint and then determine, which design changes can improve your conversion rate. It is also a great idea to hire responsive web developers in Mumbai who can help you make these changes to your website. Remember not to follow design trends blindly or just for the sole reason that they are “in”. Sure, popularity is a criteria but it is important to understand if these trends fit into your web optimization strategy and if yes, where. You could employ the A/B test to check it out, in which two versions of your website are compared to see which performs better. This is done by showing these variants to a set of visitors and the one that elicits a positive response stays on. Improving website experience for your visitors is definitely the first step towards Conversion Rate Optimizationis undeniably rising in popularity because of the results it has provided and 2016 is witnessing a larger following for this highly useful concept.